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Full Moon Walk

Liberty Hall holds a full moon walk on the Lamoni recreational trail during the warm months. At the conclusion of the walk, there will be a campfire at Liberty Hall where participants can roast hot dogs and marshmallows and enjoy a community sing. The next walk will be on June 2nd.

Moon Walk

The walk will begin from the Liberty Hall parking lot and proceed north on the trail Moon Walk toward Home Pond. It is a half-mile walk to the first pond (one-way) or a full-mile walk to the top of the rise above the main pond (one-way). It is anticipated that the gentle walk (either the half-mile or the full-mile) can be completed easily within one hour. There are benches along the walk for those who desire to rest.

All are invited, but it is requested that children be accompanied by an adult. Walkers are advised to bring a flashlight in case extra light is needed at any point, but it is hoped that the full moon will provide plenty of light. They may also want to bring a lawn chair or blanket to sit on at the campfire during cool weather.

These full-moon walks have become a tradition during good weather. In the time that Joseph Smith III and his family lived at Liberty Hall (1881-1906), people were more in touch with nature. There was no electricity available in Lamoni at that time - and there were almost no cars. It is hoped that we can re-experience that closeness to nature, enjoy a slower pace and socialize with friends and neighbors during these walks.

Please come and enjoy a lovely full moon and a beautiful Lamoni evening among a community of friends.

Next Moon Walk • Spring 2014
If the weather is inclement, the Full Moon Walk will be held in the barn.