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Barn Renovation - Phase Two

Barn Renovation Two Liberty Hall completed the second phase of its barn renovation project. This phase included adding a fire escape to the north wall of the barn so that the second floor hay loft has two exits in case of fire to the building. "Liberty Hall can open the entire barn for Liberty Hall and public events," Steve Smith, Director, Liberty Hall Historic Center, Home of Joseph Smith III, said.

The fire escape itself is a historic artifact. It was originally the exterior fire escape for the Higdon Administration Building at Graceland University. When the Administration Building was renovated in the mid-90's, an interior fire escape was installed. At the request of the contractor, Steve Anders of Lamoni, took down the exterior fire escape and saved it.

When the decision was made to add a fire escape to the Liberty Hall Barn, Anders donated a portion of that fire escape for this purpose. Anders used his crane to load the fire escape from its storage site and bring it to Liberty Hall. He will also use the crane to install it to the barn structure. Along with Steve Smith and Bryce Wilson, the picture shows Steve Anders guiding the fire escape up to the barn to make sure everything will go together as planned. Brian Anders is operating the crane.

Fire Escape Workers In addition to adding the fire escape, Liberty Hall also completed a sidewalk from the barn entrance to the recreational trail. "We are doing this for both the convenience of people who visit us and for those who are disabled as this sidewalk will attach to the ramp entrance," Smith said. Finally, Liberty Hall will install a new floor in the second floor hay loft.

"We hope to retain the rustic nature of the barn. Liberty Hall is excited to have this additional facility and hope that it will enhance the kinds of programs and activities that Liberty Hall is able to provide," Smith said.

Pictured (top down) are Lamoni volunteers Steve Smith, Brian and Steve Anders (who provided the crane, fire escape and its redesign and fabrication), Bryce Wilson, and local welder Bob Toney. Not pictured, but who also worked on the second phase are Rex Boswell, Marie Hawley, Dale Nelson, Dave Mohler and Lamoni women who provided the noon meals for the RVA.

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