Home of Joseph Smith III

Barn Renovation - Phase One

The Liberty Hall Historic Site has been renovating its 1920s barn so that it can be used by the Site, by the community and by Graceland as activity space. This project included cleaning out the barn, having the barn power washed by Gene White, and renovation by the Community of Christ RV Association (RVA).

Before Renovation
Barn Reno - Before
After Renovation
Barn Reno - After

The RVA removed existing stanchions, grain bins and rotting floor; ran underground electricity to the barn; put in new flooring, supports and access ramps; replaced the old ladder to the hayloft with a stairwell; sealed openings in the exterior walls; and repainted the exterior of the barn. This work was accomplished by nine members of the RVA from Iowa, Missouri and Texas, assisted by twenty-one volunteers from the Lamoni area.

Barn Renovation - Volunteer These volunteers contributed more than 600 hours of labor, planning, organization, and food preparation, not counting travel time. It was a labor of love that is greatly appreciated.

In carrying out its mission of sharing the home, life and mission of Joseph Smith III, Liberty Hall seeks to be an integral resource for Lamoni, Graceland University and the Community of Christ. The creation of this new activity space is a part of achieving that goal.

There is still more to be done. Liberty Hall will need to raise funds to put new flooring in and a fire escape to the hay loft, and a sidewalk into the facility. In addition, we are looking for surplus chairs and tables for the barn. However, this new activity space is ready for use and Liberty Hall plans to hold a series of inaugural events later this summer to introduce this facility to the community.

The staff of Liberty Hall thanks all of those who have participated in making this vision become reality.

Renovation - Phase Two